The Omstrument


A unique fusion of the harp, guitar, dulcimer, strumstick, and tanpura.

Created by Jack Haas.


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the most recent manifestation:

the omstrument: harp, guitar, longneck dulcimer, strumstick, gopichand, and tanpura.




the omstrument: harp, guitar, longneck dulcimer, strumstick, and tanpura, also tenor ukulele, with Jack Haas




"The Omstrument came to me in the same way that most of my creations have come to me- through a series of dreams, intuitions, ideas, and divine inspirations. The cosmos is ever creating new vibrations, as well as new assimilations and fusions of existing vibrations. And when there is an opening for a new event- a new vibration- to manifest into this realm, the artist then becomes as if pregnant with the force by which the inspiration will be birthed into this world.

     I have felt such labour pains, during the sublime gestation of this instrument, perhaps more than during any of my other creations. What began as a slim idea on how to build another form of 'harp-guitar'- an idea which had very little resemblance to the final instrument- became a foetal novelty attempting to grow within, and then come out of me. And now that it has finally emerged, I feel as if the infant has only begun to scream, and here I am, leaning over the cradle, a new parent, trying to learn how to help it sing."

     Jack Haas, April/2009



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